Why CA’s, Professionals & the Country is taken for Granted?

Why CA’s, Professionals & the Country is taken for Granted?


Respected FM Sir,

Why CA’s, Professionals & the Country is taken for Granted?

Today, this is the 7th time in a row when the entire country is taken for granted. This is the 7th time when the scheme for uploading the tax audit report is changed by the Department.

Those who are unaware of it should know that every taxpayer whose turnover exceeds the specified limits are required to get their books of accounts audited from a Chartered Accountants and it is required to be uploaded at the income tax portal. Non compliance with the audit provision attracts penalty @ ½% of the turnover subject to a maximum cap of Rs. 1.50 Lakh. More importantly, the due date for complying with this provision is 30th September.

The system of submitting the physical copy of the audit report is long back done away with and now the audit report is required to be uploaded electronically at the income tax portal. For this, xml file is required to be created and uploaded.

Even though it is a routine yearly compliance since long, still the Government lacks the visions. The changes are introduced every now and then rather than ensuring it before the commencement of the financial year itself. This year also, in the middle of the year, the tax audit report format was changed and the professionals were forced to comply with the new audit report format from the middle of the year. The patience & tolerance by the professionals is really appreciable.  Professionals have whole heartedly accepted the changes and ensured the due implementations.

Government doesn’t feel it enough. Every now & then, the changes are carried out in the procedural aspects without realising the fact that the amendment affects the respect & credentials of the Government. On one side, Government talks about ease of business and on the other side they leaves nothing untouched to make the life of taxpayers & tax professionals miserable.

Surprisingly, today for the 7th time, the schema for uploading the tax audit report in form no. 3CD has been changed. It means that the taxpayer & tax professionals cannot upload the audit report till the report is prepared as per the requirements of the new schema. It further means that those taxpayers whose audit report is ready for uploading have to wait again for further compliance in accordance with the new schema.

Once the schema is changed, at least 1 day is taken by the software developer/programmer to incorporate the same in the programme. The same is then required to be downloaded and updated by the professionals as almost 99% of the audit report is prepared by the professionals through their readymade software. After performing both the action as mentioned above, audit reports is required to be prepared and uploaded in accordance with new utility.

The question emerges, where is the vision?

Are we learning enough from our mistakes?

Is it for the first time, the country is taken for granted?

Everyone co-operates if there are genuine or exceptional circumstances. But this is not one. There is no change in the law after 01.04.2018. Resultantly, there should not have been any change in the audit report format after 01.04.2018.

Painful part is that the casualness & lack of practical approach by the top bureaucrats in implementing the law. The same was revealed at the time of announcing the new ITR form which was announced with a delay of around of 2 ½ months. And now, with just 23 days before the due date, the Government is changing the schema for uploading the report. The schema is not changed for once or twice but for the 7th time.

Is it appreciable?

Is it right?

Is it proper?

Is it acceptable?

Anyone accountable on the other side?

Taxpayer really hope that the country should not be taken for granted.

Let us hope that there are no more changes in the schema henceforth.

Let us hope that in the next year (election year), the forms, reports, schema etc gets notified by 31st March 2019 & no changes whatsoever would be there in the middle of the time to make the life miserable for the taxpayer.

Let us hope that ease of business means real ease of business.




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