Reduction of late fees of DIR3-KYC Rs 5000 to Rs 500


DIR3-KYC is required to be filed before the due date i.e 31st August 2018 by every director who has been allotted DIN and whose DIN is in approved status upto 31st March 2018.If it is not filed before due date than penalty of Rs 5000 applicable. Ministry of Corporate Affairs has extended the due date till 15th September 2018 without any fee.

Still many directors are not able to file DIR3-KYC upto 15th September 2018. Now Ministry of Corporate Affairs has given extension of date till 5th October 2018, but with late fees of Rs 500. That is DIR3-KYC can be filed upto 5th October 2018 with late fees of Rs 500.

If the DIR3-KYC is not filed upto 5th October 2018 ,than a late fees of Rs 5000 is applicable from 6th October 2018.