ICAI has launched an exclusive Job Portal for Chartered Accountants


ICAI has launched an exclusive Job Portal for Chartered Accountants – https://cajobs.icai.org/#/
FAQ for Members:
Q: 1. How does a member register one self on the CAJOBS Portal?
Visit https://cajobs.icai.org and go to the Members tab and Login/ register
Please note: User name is your ICAI Mem. No. and the password is your date of birth in DDMMYYYY format. In case you are already registered on https://cmib.icai.org/ as part of any of the current placement drives, you can continue using the same credentials on https://cajobs.icai.org/.
Q: 2. How can a member apply for a JOB on the CAJOBS Portal?
After Login and updating the profile on the portal member can apply for the active jobs shown in their dashboard and apply for them.
Q: 3. What benefits does a member get on the CA JOBS Portal?
Opportunity to find vacancies from primary level to top level
One stop solution to find all the vacancies for Chartered Accountants all across India
Browse jobs categories that are sorted by functions, hot jobs, featured jobs, premium jobs, most viewed jobs etc
Receive job alerts
Track you application made for a job
View relevant jobs as recommended by the system based on preferred criteria
Receive SMS or Emails by adjusting your privacy setting
FAQ for Companies:
Q: 1. How does a company register itself on the CAJOBS Portal?
Step wise registration process
Visit https://cajobs.icai.org

and go to the corporate tab Fill the details in New registration formThen in the dashboard of the company just update the profile of the company Then Subscribe a package by clicking on the right side corner mentioning my subscription Post a job by clicking on the add new job tab in the dashboard of the company

Q: 2. How does a company get access to the services provided by the CA JOBS Portal?
After registration and profile updation by the companies, CMIB office approves the details submitted by the company and activate their account.
Then company will be able to subscribe a package ask the office to activate the same. After getting approval the company can post a job on the portal.
Q: 3. What type of Jobs can be posted on the CA JOBS portal?
Regular Jobs in permanent or Part Time in Nature, Contractual Jobs, Flexi hours Job, Classified and featured Jobs etc.
Q: 4. What benefits does a company get on the CA JOBS Portal?
Select from talented pool of Chartered Accountants available at one place.
Automate interview scheduling
Conduct interviews through video conferencing
Make payment through payment gateway integrated with the portal,
Find relevant profiles of candidates based on their preferences matched by system

Easily and quickly screen out job seekers as per requirements through advance search.

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