Due Date for uploading Form 15G/15H


Due Date for uploading Form 15G/15H

Section 197A(2) of the Income Act reads as under:

“(2) The person responsible for paying any income of the nature referred to in sub-section (1) 72[or sub-section (1A)] 73[or sub-section (1C)] shall deliver or cause to be delivered to the 74[ 75[Principal Chief Commissioner or] Chief Commissioner or 75[Principal Commissioner or] Commissioner] one copy of the declaration referred to in sub-section (1) 76[or sub-section (1A)] 77[or sub-section (1C)] on or before the seventh day of the month next following the month in which the declaration is furnished to him.]”

Now, no physical submission is required to file with the Department. There is a change in procedure and at present it is required to upload the Form 15G & 15H online.

New due date for filing/uploading Form 15G/15H at the ITD Portal has been notified by the CBDT Vide notification dated 09.06.2016 is as under:

Date of ending of the quarter of the financial year Due Date
30th June 15th July
30th September 15th October
31st December 15th January
31st March 30th April

So the Due Date for filing Form 15G/15H for each quarter i.e, quarter 1 to quarter 3, is by the 15th of the next month, except in the case of the last quarter i.e, quarter 4 wherein the due date for filing Form 15G/15H is on the 30th of next month i.e, 30th April.

Notification from the CBDT.

notificaton92016_n (1)


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