Dear Chartered Accountants- You get what you deserve, not what you desire!


Congratulations for 15 days of Date extension!

Congratulations – Chartered Accountants. You all have got an extension of 15 days. Your demand for extension for tax audit report is fulfilled. Why are you feeling ignored? Is it a graceful extension?

Before feeling bad or ignored, let us know one simple rule of the world- You get what you deserve and not what you desire.

This is not the time to react but time to act. This is not the time to criticize but time to introspect. If not now, then when? This is not for the first time that issue like this has happened. This is not the first time that Government has conveyed that your suggestions & recommendations are not worth considering. You are worth 15 days of extension.

Be it BJP or Congress, you are treated alike. Whether its Respected Arun Jaitely or Hon’ble P. Chidambaram, adamancy is same. Whether it is their mistakes or their system failure, you are worth ignoring?

Yesterday annonucment of 15 days is just an attempt to show what you mean for them? The social media and discussion over whatsapp in various group has used the word “Beggars”.  “Begging” is not a respectable word but “Respect” is not reflected in what is being done. Extension of 15 days?

Let have the courage to say that “We hereby withdraw our representation for date extension”.  It may be noted that after meeting FM over date extension issue, within minutes, the message of one month date extension was circulated by  everyone, probably by those who met Respected FM Sir. It means that they were convinced that the one month date extension. But then 15 days extension has not made them feel insulted? Why to be calm & silent when so much humiliated? Speak up, do what your heart says?

Forget past, are you sure the situation like this will not happen in future? Present date extension was sought by professional for the mistakes and unpreparedness of the Government & its system. Can you form an opinion that present extension of 15 days is an admission of the mistakes by the Government & its system? Are we begging or are we representing?

The fact of respect & recognition of CA professionals was well covered in articles –Dear FM, Please don’t extend the date-

Whether the extension notification mentions that “The date is extended because of the lack of maturity on the part of the Government & its system in notifying the forms. Also, the date extension is required because of the frequent changes in the scheme and reporting format in Form No. 3CD”. The date extension was gracious or insulting? Why not issue a bold statement & letter to Hon’ble PM that “Mr FM is immature to hold the portfolio”.

This is also a time to recall that when CA. Mr. Piyush Goyal was holding the charge as FM, he has taken all the stakeholder in to confidence for GST amendment through its various public meeting and have carried out the amendment in GST council meeting. Don’t we need better FM like Shri Piyush Ji Goyal. If not now, when we will speak up?  We need to understand that we have the power to change the FM provided we believe that we are “Powerful”.

More interesting is the extension with a rider which says that date is extended for 15 Days. However, 15 days interest u/s 234A applies. Great? We must appreciate the commercial angel for levying 15 days interest. Scheme will be changed again for incorporating it? Ease of business for levying 15 days interest? Will it pass the judicial test as 234A is directly linked to 139(1) & once 139(1) is extended, 234A also gets extended? Probably,  this is not interest u/s 234A alone. This is the way of saying that “We are not at fault. By giving extension of 15 days, we are giving you a favor”.

You may also find a letter in by one UP Tax Bar Association which is addressed to Hon’ble PM clearly pointing out mis handling by present Finance Minsiter. Why not change the FM for such mismanagement. Such mis handling of constructive man hours of respected professional should be treated as a criminal office. Any-one thinking on this line?

One of the key the reason for present situation is the reaction we never did in the past. Not in the current year alone but also in the earlier years. Before we demand respect, we need to prove that we are “Respected Body”.

When 2 representations went unacknowledged, why have we written third letter to the FM? Why not to the members saying that we have been insulted and we are feeling ignored. Letter could have told the members

“Let us stop asking for date extension. Let us inform our clients that we will try to complete the audit in the best possible manner and our clients may be liable for non audit penalty if unable to complete the audit & or unable to find the infrastructural support

Probably, above communication would have helped in realizing the fact that

  1. CA professionals need to be handled with due respect & care.
  2. CA Professionals are the real partner in Nation Building.
  3. CA professionals are the professionals which are reasonable in their demand.

One of the main reasons pointed out by various top elected representative of ICAI for not being hard with the Government is that “We are at the mercy of Government for Tax Audit u/s 44AB”. If we become hard in conveying, they would rope in other professionals or will remove 44AB audit.

Don’t know whether we should reply over such statements or should we just laugh & ignored their observation? Government has introduced the concept of TRP in Income Tax Act, GST practitioner in GST Act. Why? They have any other profession which upgrades their members so well as we do? Who is getting more benefit because of 44AB audit – Government or CA’s? Why e-environment was successful & so speedy for income tax department? Any appreciation for CA’s? If CA are out of 44AB audit compliance practice, it will unfold much more hidden opportunity for the professionals. Why we need to bother? At least, not at the cost of our dignity & respect.

We were insulted in the past as well, did we act? Present ignorance by Government is the result of past silence”. Right?

Readers are free to agree or may disagree with my view. I request you not to be silent; please do express your opinion. It will help me to improve my vision or will help ICAI in its vision.

source Link :   Respected Mr. FM, Please don’t extend the Date now