CBDT releases revised utility of ITR-5 for FY 17-18 / AY 18-19

CBDT releases revised utility of ITR-5 for FY 17-18 | AY 18-19


CBDT releases revised utility of ITR-5 for FY 17-18 / AY 18-19

Changes in Income Tax Return Utility appear to be a repetitive feature of Government now. The unpleasant part is, it is this is just 10 days before the Due Date!!

Government should try to incorporate the changes they wish to do well in advance. Last minute changes in the forms and utilities create problem for all the tax professionals, assesses and software engineers.

Why such last minute changes?

The programmer and software developers need their own time to incorporate the changes in their software for perfection and quality of work. Professional also needs time to understand the changes.

If the Government wants to make such changes the due dates shall also be changed accordingly.

As of today, if a person wants to go out for a vacation there is around 6 months of planning involved in it, Government is preparing utility of crores of people without proper planning.

Government aims to have more and more people filing the returns and wish to have an effective system of taxation. Will such last minute changes allow Government to achieve their objectives and goals?

As per the author’s opinion the Government should focus on spreading awareness as to filing of Returns and quality of work instead of making frequent changes in the Utilities, Reports and Forms.

Taxpayer’s expects to stop the last moment changes in the ITR & Other forms  for the betterment of the work.

CBDT releases revised utility of ITR-5 for FY 17-18 | AY 18-19 on 19th of September 2018. The revised utility and instructions are attached below in the article for reader’s reference

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