How to get Duplicate Share Certificate on loss of Original Share Certificate?


Step 1

Shareholders should immediately inform the respective company of which holding shares about the loss of share certificate. Further he should also send the communication to Registrar &Transfer Agent in writing.

Communication should be sent along with details of distinctive folio number, share certificate number and other details for their reference.

Step 2

On receipt of information about the loss of share certificates, folio number or other details provided the company generally put 30 days freeze on any transfer in order to prevent fraud or illegal transfer.

On establishing the identity of the investor, the company will send the procedure on how to issue duplicate share certificates which include the format of an affidavit, surety, indemnity agreement.


Step 3

Shareholder shall take following action for duplicate share certificate

Prepare affidavit and indemnity bond agreement on stamp paper respectively as directed by company/ Registrar &Transfer Agent.

File FIR with police quoting the following details of lost certificate:

  • Folio number
  • company name
  • share certificate number
  • distinctive number etc

Publish a general notice in the government gazette.

Step 4

After verification of the document submitted by shareholder for duplicate share certificate, company/ Registrar &Transfer Agent will initiate the request to issue duplicate share certificate.

This process will take around 4-6 weeks to receive a duplicate certificate.

The word “DUPLICATE” is written in bold and legible letters in duplicate share certificate.