What are the best career opportunities after becoming a Chartered Accountant?

Chartered Accountant

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What are the best career opportunities after becoming a Chartered Accountant?

These roles are based on what most of the CAs take up and are in a practical sense:

  1. Auditing profiles– The most commonly available job for CAs. It can be statutory auditors, internal auditors, tax auditors, IT, any types of auditors! Big4s are the biggest employers in the field.
  2. Consultants– Here it’s more of a tax/accounting consultant. Management consulting jobs are mostly offered only to high rankers (not all rankers also). Management consulting is more a cup of tea for top 4-5 B-school MBAs, not CAs. Also, mergers and acquisitions consulting roles are good options. But again, Big4s are the major employers and the work for CAs is due diligence which is again a type of audit.
  3. Investment banking– I beg to differ here and wish to mention that CAs aren’t equipped for it. Yes, you’ve read it perfectly right. I’m talking in all practical and rational sense here. Investment banking requires a skillset which is NOT developed as part of the CA course because it’s a distance course and doesn’t involve practical training or analysis in areas of investment banking. Articleship is mostly in areas of auditing, taxation and accounts which is NOT relevant. Just like management consulting, it’s the cup of tea for top B school MBAs. CAs that join investment banking firms are mostly involved in the ground level/processing jobs of investment banking and not what actually investment bankers do, so please don’t give those kind of examples. Also, there certain are exceptions which I don’t deny. So in a crux, if you wish to get into management consulting or investment banking, DON’T take up CA. Try IIMs instead.
  4. Finance profiles– In companies as financial controllers, accounts managers, credit managers, internal audit department, etc. They usually grow up to being CFOs at a later stage. This includes jobs in banks, financial institutions, mutual funds, etc.

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