Know about GST Returns Forms


All GST Return’s

                                   For registered dealer’s

  1. GSTR-1:-
  • All outwards Supplies (i. e .All sales Good or provide service
  • Due date:–10th of Next Month
  1. GSTR -2:-
  • All Inwards supplies (i.e. all purchase Good for provided service
  • Due date:-
  • This is Auto –populated From When your Buyer submitted detail in GSTR -1 all of the information related to you auto  Generating  in your GST-24
  • In GST-24: this ready only Document system in this form you can’t Edit any information.
  • Any mistake can change in GSTR -2.
  1. GSTR-3:-
  •    Aggregate level output & input supplies information which will be
  •    Auto–Populated through GSTR -1 & GSTR -2
  •    Due date: – 20th of Next Month.
  •    Taxpayer will also have the option of claiming the excess
  •    Payment of tax as Refund or to Enable the tax payer  to carry      forward  the Excess  ITC balance
  1. GSTR -3B:-
  •     A summery return form is GSTR – 38 will Required to be filled
  •     On self –Declaration Basis. Only for first 2 month of GST Applicable.
  •     Due date: – 20th of Next Month.
  1. GSTR-9:-
  •   Yearly Return.
  •   Due date:-31st Dec. of Next FY.
  •   Furnish the details of input tax credit available and GST paid on     supply of Goods /Service / across state / overseas

ALL GST Return’S

                                 For Other’s

  1. GSTR-6:-
  • Only for input Service Distributer.
  1. GSTR-7:-
  • TDS Deductor.
  • Due date:-10th of Next Month.
  • Deducter is required to file the return and has to provide the details of amount of TDS in his Return.
  • Included TDS Certificate.
  • The contract value.
  • The Rate of Deduction.
  • The Amount of Deduction.
    An Amount paid to the appropriate Government.

                             ALL GST Return’s

                          For Composition Dealer’s

  1. GSTR-4:
  • Filled once every 3 month s (Quarterly)
  • Due date of 10th of Next Month.
  • Indicate the total consolidated Value of supplies Made during the period.
  • Total tax paid at the composition Rate.
  • Bill issue –Bill of supply not Tax Invoice.
  • Auto –populated Details show in GSR-4A.
  1. GSTR-9A:-
  • Yearly Return.
  • Due date:-31st Dec. of Next FY.

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