Top CA slams arrest of Auditor in DSK Case

CA arrest in slam case


Some comments on TOP CA slam arrest

Top chartered accountant in the city have condemned arrest of auditor Sunil Ghatpande in the DSK case, alleging that the police section overrides the provisions in the law that allow for the trail of a CA for negligence.

Last week, CA Chandrashekhar Chitale had written to MPs Anil Shirole and Amar Sable seeking an immediate release of Ghatpande, “Auditor does his/her job after the business transaction have been carried out. He is not the party to or advisor in the process. Arresting him ahead of proving guilty is an unhealthy practice.” Chitale said.

“Ghatpande had made a multiple adverse comments in audit report of FY2017 and some in FY2016. He had an two occasions also  raised doubts about the company (DSKDL). Being able continue the business, months before the complaint was filed with the EOW by the depositors.” a CA said.

Ghatpande has been arrested in the purported role in DSK case. In fact, no specific charge seems to have been framed against him and he has been cooperating with the investigating authorities by providing various documents called for in writing or in emails for the last few months. The sudden need to arrest him is unjustified and unreasonable.” Said CA Patki and CA Joshi in the notes.

Top CA slams arrest of Auditor in DSK Case

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