Last minute change in the GST Return.

Last minute change in the GST Return


Last minute change in the GST Return, is it fair for Composition dealer?

(God save Composition dealer)

Recently Government announced that for filling GSTR-4, Composition dealer are required to give each and every bills details of purchase.

Is it a good amendmentto make last minute change for Composition dealer?

Government gave relaxation to the composition dealer regarding non maintenance of so much data like Regular Dealer. Government accepted all the returns of Composition dealer without inquiring about purchases till last Quarter.

What suddenly happened to the Government? Why Government isasking  foreach  & every bill of purchase suddenly? At least some pre intimation should have been given to the taxpayer so that they could have compiled the details on a timely basis.

If taxpayers who  was not maintained so much data  on regular basis in suddenly authorities  has suddenly amended the Form so as to seek the for each & every bills, will it to the possible for  taxpayer  to comply in time-bound manner? Now RCM on purchases made from unregistered dealer is also deferred till June for all the taxpayers then asking for each bill details are not relevant at all.

Composition dealer hasavailed the Scheme because of relaxation given from maintenance so much accounting details.Really, Government gave relaxation? Is Government not punishing them indirectly for non maintenance of data?

A regular Dealer is more happy as compared to composition dealer, As they don’t have to fill details of purchases, have law makers thought of these aspect before making amendment?Regular dealer are justrequired to enter the amount of Input Tax Credit (ITC) in the GSTR-3B return without so much details. Even though regular dealer avails credit, Government does not ask them to give each & every bills details?

A Composition Dealer who even can not avail ITC, are required to give each & every bill details of purchases.What is the Intension of Government behind such mandatory details  for Composition Dealer, God only Knows…

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