Business Compliance Calendar for the month of March 2018

March 2018 Compliance


March 2018 Compliance

Business Compliance Calendar for the month of March 2018


– Payment of TDS/TCS for February-2018



       – Monthly GST return in GSTR-1 for January-2018 for registered person with aggregate turnover of more than Rs.1.50 Cr.



– PF for February -2018

  – Monthly ESIC for February-2018

–  Fourth installment payment of advance tax for the Assessment Year 2018-19.

–  Furnishing of Form 24G (TDS) by an office of the Government where TDS for the month of February -2018 has been paid without the production of Challan.


– Monthly Return in GSTR-3B for February -2018


  – Furnishing the return by an Input Service Distributor (GSTR-6),      for the months of July 2017-Feb 2018

  – Last day to file Income tax return for F.Y. 2016-17 (if not filled   earlier)

  – Last day to file Income Tax Return for F.Y. 2015-16 (if not filled earlier)

           GST Caution:

                    Input Tax Credit (ITC) has to be reserved if bill amount (basic + tax) is not paid within 180 days.

                    In GST Return for Feb-2018, ITC is to be reverse if bills upto 31.08.2017 has remained unpaid. Else, Interest@18% p.a. will be applicable.

March 2018 Compliance

March 2018 Compliance

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