Fair Game-2 E-way bill system


e-way bill system

Fair Game-2

The concept of E-Way Bill is very nice. E-way bill is a mechanism to ensure that goods being transported comply with the GST Law. And is an effective tool to track movement of goods and check tax evasion.

The government on 01.02.2018, ie Thursday deferred the launch of e-way bill system, citing technical problems in bill generation.

Whether it is the right Action/decision taken by the Government?. Whether Just deferment is right Solution or requires something else?. If Government’s infrastructure is not sufficient then why Government come up with new experiments? Can we say this is an effective Governance? Does Government really learnt from their mistake?

Government should firstly develop best infrastructure facilities to support the present GST scenario and then come up with such new Concept. It is very difficult in those states wheresuch concept is never heard before and directly implementation of such concept without giving proper training to the officer or transporter.

When Government rollout GST Act, System is very new for everyone in that case we can understand such teething issues. But again such issues happen at the time of E-WAY Bill System then such reason really expect from the Government? People required some time to adjust against such new era, Government also required to understand the businessman situation its compliances & according to the need draw solution, which may solve the purpose of both GST Act & Government.

We wish that such nice concept should be implemented early & without any Flaw, so that such concept can be enjoyed by everyone.

e-way bill system

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