GSTR1- filing date extension!


date extension

GSTR1- filing date extension!

A notification come as a relief to many tax payers when they saw the notification that said “Due date for filing GSTR1 has been extend to 15th January 2017 for registered person shaving turnover of more than 1.50 cr“.


This notification came as a fresh air for some tax payers and CAs who are struggling with GSTN Portal to file the returns.

There is lot of confusion going on whether or not the date is extend. GST server is also not working as following are the errors face by the people:



Government has came with the tweet stating that the notification in circulation is fake and the due date to file the return is same i.e. 10th January 2017.


Government is well aware about the problems that are faced by the tax payers & professionals during every compliance date but are watching it as a mute spectator. It would have been in the interest of all the taxpayers. To extend the date so as to avoid the wastage of time and other resources of the taxpayers.  Zero accountability on the part of the law facilitator is making the life of the taxpayer miserable.

This is not for the first time that the taxpayers are facing the problem in complying with the law. This is the repetition of the inconvenience during every due date.

Timely extension to some extent could have helped the taxpayers to compensate the problem from the GSTN site.

Our interaction with lot many taxpayers and professionals have revealed. That they are not in favor of date extension but they want an GSTN site reliable enough to handle. The required workload. The extension on every occasion in the past has happened on account of failure of GSTN site and not because of the failure of taxpayers, few opined.

It appears the Government is testing the patience of businessmen and professionals .Let’s hope and pray to Hon’able Arun Jaitley  that either they make their GSTN portal work or extend the date.

date extension

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