Last minute extension by ICAI – Why blame Government only for being irresponsible?


In the last few days we have been criticizing GSTN for not able to handle the traffic on GST portal. Well it’s time to add one more name to the list, ICAI.
Today is the day when all CA Final and CA CPT students have been waiting eagerly with their eyes on computer for results to be declared. CA students while dealing with nervousness, excitement and fear are waiting for results to be declared but to add to their distress institute announced that time of result is extended and will be declared at 8pm. So now they have to spend the entire day dealing with such emotions.
First thing that came to my mind is that, does ICAI also believes in time or date extension? Is it a professional approach?  What example are we setting? By extending the time of result at the last moment, ICAI, highly professional organization ignored the feelings and emotions of CA students.
icai resultAfter testing us in our exams they are testing our patience.
It’s not the first time that there is so much traffic on site, so as professionals one thing that could have been done is extending it well in advance. So that students are prepared accordingly.
We have no control on actions taken by ICAI. But we all know that “sabr ka phal meetha hota hai ” so let’s hope for the best results.
– CA students.