E-Way bill will be implementing from 01-02-2018 in all over India. Some important FAQ of E-Way Bill:

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e-way bill FAQ

Some important FAQ of E-Way Bill

Q-1> Who is responsible for E-way Bill ?

Ans.: The responsibility for E-way Bill is of :

Ist – The Supplier

IInd – The receiver

IIIrd – the Registered person if Purchase or sale from a Un-Registered Person/dealer

Q-2> what type of supply is cover under E-Way Bill ?

Ans.: There are all type of movements of Goods Cover under E-Way Bill.Which Include Rejection, Sale Return ,Repair and Maintance and Job Work or material send for Job Work with a Delivery Challan. A approx Value wiii be there on Delivery Challan of Job work and make a E-way Bill for this Challan.

Q-3> what Amount is cover under E-Way Bill ?

Ans.: Material valued up to Rs. 50000/= are not covered under E-way Bill ,if the total Value of material who load in a single vehicle more than 50000/= E-way bill will be generated by the Transporter.


Q-4> How Many part file in E-way Bill ?

Ans.: There are 2 part of E-way bill, it’s A and B.
Part A ,we have to mention the detail of Goods receiver , items detail and Value of Goods.
Part B is a Colum of Transporterdetails such as Transport name, vehicle number, and GR number.

Q-5> What is the limit of fill Part B in E-way Bill?

Ans.: If the material Dispatch less than 10Km.through by hand or Rickshaw part B will not be required.

Q-6> What is the Identity of Goods in E-way Bill?

Ans.: The Goods will be Identified with the HSN Code shown in E-way Bill.

Q-7>Any Printout of E-way bill need with the Invoice of Goods?

Ans.: No Printout need with the Invoice of Goods, show only number of E-way bill in front of Invoice.

Q-8> What is Consolidated E-way Bill ?
Ans.: consolidated E-way bill is generate when the transporter is carrying multiple consignments in a single vehicle. Consolidated E-Way
allows the transporter to carry a single document ,instead of a separate document for each consignment in a conveyance.

Q-9> What is the validity of E-way Bill?
Ans.: The validity of E-way Bill is:

#00 to 100 Km. : 01 Days

#100 to 300 Km.: 03 Days

#300 to 500 Km. : 05 Days

#500 to 1000 Km. : 10 Days

#More than 10000 km.: 15 Days

Q-10> What is the penalty of non-filling of E-way Bill ?is it editable ?

Ans.: The penalty of non-filling of E-way Bill is 200% of GST value of invoice.And please note that there is no editing in E-way bill after final submission.


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