Business Compliance Calendar for the month of January 2018


Compliance Calendar


Payment of TDS/TCS for December-2017


– Monthly GST return in GSTR-1from July to November-2017 if Turnover exceeds Rs 1.50 Cr

– Quarterly GST return in GSTR-1 for the Quarter July to September-2017 if turnover is up to Rs. 1.50 Cr.


– PF for December-2017

– VAT Audit (Maharashtra) for the FY 2016-17

– TCS Return for the Quarter ended December-2017

– E-filing of form 15G/15H Statement for the Quarter ended December- 2017

Return in GSTR-4for the Quarter ended December 2017


Return in GSTR-3B for December-2017


ESIC for December 2017


– Challan cum Statement with regard to TDS u/s 194IA for December-2017

-Challan cum Sstatement with regard to TDS u/s 194IB for December-2017

– Issue of TCS/TDS Certificate for the Quarter ended on December-2017


– TDS Return for the Quarter ended on December 2017

– Return in GST ITC-01 for taxpayer eligible to avail the ITC U/s 18(1) w.e.f July, Aug, Sep, Oct & Nov-2017

– Β Return in GSTR-05for Non Resident Taxable Person
(July, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov & Dec 2017)

– Return in GSTR-05A by Non Resident Foreign Taxpayers who have come for a short period to make supplies in India
(July, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov. & Dec 2017)

– Return in Form GST CMP-03, the period for intimation of details of stock held on the date preceding the date from which the option to pay tax u/s 10 of the Act is exercised.

Compliance Calendar