How to comply with the Non-filers Monitoring System (NMS) notices

How to comply with the Non-filers Monitoring System (NMS) notices


Query 1]

  1. Kindly help me to reply to IT Dept. I got a letter from IT dept for non-Filing of income tax return for F.Y. 14-15 with following details:
  2. AIR – 002 – Paid Rs. 2,00,000 or more than from credit card.
  3. TDS – 192A -TDS return – salary to employee.
  • TDS – 195 – Payment to Non-resident (section 195)
    Please help me to give the answer to IT dept. [P.C.Pandey-]
  1. I have been asked the below queries regarding FY 2014- 15 in the related information summary section of income tax website:
    ii. TDS- 192A
    What options should I select to resolve this issue?
    I am an employee only and I do not have any other source of income. [Dony George, Jabalpur-]
  2. I got an email from NMS that their records show that I have not filed my IT returns for AY 2015-16. But the fact is that I did file, and got the ITR V acknowledgement verified also. I see the note processed in my IT portal also & No pending action is what I see in my portal. Please suggest that what should I do? []



Income tax department is getting the data from multiple sources & agencies and is very effectively utilizing the available information. A methodical data analysis is also carried out to identify non-filers about whom specific information is available from sources like Annual Information Return (AIR), Centralised Information Branch (CIB), TDS/TCS Statement, etc. Non-filers Monitoring System (NMS) is the gigantic pilot project of the income tax department to widen the tax base by reaching out to the citizens who may have tax dues but may not have filed income tax returns. Non-filers with potential tax liabilities are identified and monitored under NMS by sending out SMSs, emails and letters to these non-filers.


Complying with the NMS Notices:

The information mentioned in the notice received by taxpayers can also be viewed at income tax department’s website at after logging with their user name and password for the tax department website. Response can be submitted in the “Compliance tab”. The screen shot for the same would be as under:

 How to make the submission:

After clicking on ‘view & submit compliance’, tax payer has to provide details in the following two tabs named as (1) filing of income tax return & (2) Related Information Summary. The screen shot of the same is as under:


It lists the assessment years for which return has not been filed. The tax payer needs to provide a response either as (a) ITR has been filed or as (b) ITR has not been filed. If option (a) is selected, information like mode of filing the ITR (paper or e-file), date of filing the ITR & acknowledgement number is required to be submitted. In case the ITR is e-filed, the status will be automatically updated. When option selected is (b) is selected, then the tax payer has to choose the options like Return under preparation or business has been closed or no taxable income or others. Further, if option chosen is ‘Others’ from above then it is mandatory for the tax payer to submit remarks.

On the second tab of ‘Related Information Summary’, details is to be provided about the source/s based on which compliance email has been sent. This is the information received from third parties such as banks, Credit card companies, TDS returns, Mutual fund investment, post offices etc.  The screen shot of the related information summary is as under:





Against each financial year and every information in the possession of the department, the description is given therein. Against such descriptions, response could be submitted from drop box menu which cover almost every possible options and if required, further details can also be given in the remarks column therein. Most of the options are self explanatory and are very user friendly. Once you have selected the right option, click on the green ‘submit’ button.


The responses submitted online by the taxpayers will be verified by the ITD and if found satisfactory, the case will be closed. The taxpayer can check the updated status by logging in to the e-filing portal.  In case the taxpayer does not file Income Tax return, the information will be pushed to the field formation for further action. Taxpayers are advised to timely respond to every NMS notice so as to avoid all possible adverse course of action by the income tax department.

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