Salient features of Quarterly Return filing & Monthly Payment of Taxes (QRMP) Scheme

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Salient features of Quarterly Return filing & Monthly Payment of Taxes (QRMP) Scheme

  1. Who can opt for the scheme:Following registered person (hereinafter RP) can file quarterly returns and pay tax on monthly basis w.e.f. 01.01.2021 :
  • An RP who is required to file Form GSTR 3B with AATO of up to Rs 5 Cr. in the previous financial year is eligible. If AATO crosses Rs 5 Cr. during a qtr., RP will become in-eligible for the Scheme from next quarter.
  • Any person obtaining a new registration or opting out of Composition Scheme can also opt for this Scheme.
  • The option to avail this Scheme can be availed GSTIN wise. Therefore, few GSTINs for that PAN can opt for the Scheme and remaining GSTINs can remain out of the Scheme.
  1. Changes on the GST Portal:For qtr. Jan., 2021 to March, 2021, all RPs whose AATO for the FY 2019-20 is up to Rs 5 Cr. and have furnished the return in Form GSTR-3B for the month of October, 2020 by 30th2020, will be migrated by default in the GST system as follows:
Sl. No. Class of RPs with AATO of Default Return Option
1 Up to Rs 1.5 Cr., who have furnished Form GSTR-1 on quarterly basis in current FY Qtrly
2 Up to Rs 1.5 Cr., who have furnished Form GSTR-1 on monthly basis in current FY Monthly
3 More than Rs 1.5 Cr. and up to Rs 5 Cr. in preceding FY Qtrly
  1. When can a person opt for the scheme:
  • Facility can be availed throughout the year, in any quarter.
  • Option for QRMP Scheme, once exercised, will continue till RP revises the option or his AATO exceeds Rs 5 Cr.
  • RPs migrated by default can choose to remain out of the scheme by exercising their option from 5th, 2020 till 31st Jan., 2021.
  1. The RPs opting for the scheme can avail the facility of Invoice Furnishing Facility (IFF), so that the outward supplies to registered person is reflected in their FormGSTR 2A & 2B.
  2. Payment of tax under the scheme:
  • RPs need to pay tax due in each of first two months (by 25th of next month) in the Qtr, by selecting “Monthly payment for quarterly taxpayer” as reason for generating Challan.
  • RPs can either use Fixed Sum Method (pre-filled challan) or Self-Assessment Method (actual tax due), for monthly payment of tax for first two months, after adjusting ITC.
  • No deposit is required for the month, if there is nil tax liability.
  • Tax deposited for first 02 months can be used for adjusting liability for the qtr. in Form GSTR-3B and can’t be used for any other purpose till the filing of return for the qtr.
  1. Click here for details of Notification and CBIC Circular.

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