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I was about to file my ITR – 4 today but I saw SFT 005 entry in my Form 26AS. I have already read about SFT and its codes on the internet and it is related to the FD aggregate being higher than 10 L. I am a professional and have been filing my ITR under presumptive scheme 44ADA and have been including deductions under 80C (PPF) and there hasn’t been a problem. Now the thing is that I never deposited any funds on my own, the SFT amount is pertaining to the principal amount being credited back (upon maturity of FD) and the interest of that FD is listed. It is such a redundant process that is going on. I am confused if I’m required to fill form 61 or what to do? Because I’ve generally filed on my own uptil now and it has always been smooth. Please help me out at the earliest as I need to file my ITR asap.

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