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Newbie here. Summary at the end, feel free to scroll down directly. I am an individual consultant. I would like to understand if I have to pay GST for some invoices raised (and money received) before GST registration date and if so, do I have to pay a penalty since I am doing it months after receiving that money.

(mine is a case of IGST)
Last year, I provided consulting services from Aug 2019 to Nov 2019. Since I was planning to immigrate to another country in February and since my total earnings for FY 2019-20 was going to be less than 20 Lacs, I decided not to do GST registration. However my plans changed and I had to postponed my immigration. Thus I registered for GST around March 1st week. Then in April, I raised an invoice for services rendered in Nov 2019-Feb 2020 with my GST number and mentioning GST 18% this time. I received the payment around mid Apr. With this 3rd invoice, my income went above 20 lacs. I know I have to pay 18% GST on this amount received in Apr and will do so soon.

My question is, should I pay GST on money earned before March/GST registration period since I did not ask client to pay any GST in the invoice nor did I have GST registration back then. If I should, I hope I don’t have to pay any penalty. What is the way to pay this pre March GST? simply login to same GST site and follow the process there?


Summary of information:

  • Consulting services rendered: Aug 2019 – present
  • Invoice-1 raised in Oct 2019 for Aug to Sep services
  • Invoice-2 raised in Nov for October services. Total 2019 income was less than 20 Lacs at this point.
  • Did GST registration in Mar 2020
  • Invoice-3 raised in Apr. Income crossed 20 Lacs at this point.


  1. Should I pay GST 18% for Invoice-1 and Invoice-2 ?
  2. If so, how to pay this via GST website (any specific form to be use)?
  3. If answer for above is yes, is there a penalty to be paid? any way to avoid the penalty?
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