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Is it fun to harass the taxpayer & tax professionals?

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It appears that Harassing the taxpayer and tax professional is one of the greatest fun.

At the critical hours of 31st October I.e, the due date if filing Income Tax Return for Tax Audit Report and other returns, the work of maintenance is undetsken for traces at 26AS.

It means that the perosn are unable to get or import 26 AS from the traces.

It is adding to the trouble of taxpayers. Why maintenance at such critical hour. It could have been undertaken in 1 st October also. But No…It’s fun…Right?

Income Tax portal has also crushed. People are not able to file the returns or upload the Tax Audit Report. But, who cares. After all. It’s fun…

The multiple compliance are on the same day. This is the last day for one of the GST Compliance and so is with the income tax return. Slight extension would have made the complained burden easy. But then, who cares. After all, it’s fun..

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