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What are the benefits of Drake hosting? how can it be helpful for my business?

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Migrating your business data to a secure and reliable cloud platform such as Drake Hosted Cloud is one of the wisest decision you’ve ever made. As smooth handling of every task in quite hard in the hustle of tax season – and thus, hosted solution is required. There are many benefits of hosting your Drake tax software on the cloud, let’s discuss some of them.

  1. Anywhere, Anytime Access

The hosted Drake tax software offers freedom of access to your business, which means you can access your files and documents from any location, irrespective of the device and OS you use.

  1. Timely Data BackUps

Drake cloud server ensures automatic backups of your data on their efficient, reliable and secured server infrastructure.

  1. Cost-efficient Solution

The Drake cloud tax application follows pay-as-you-go model for payments according to which users have to spend only for the services and resources they’re using.

  1. Multi-User Accessibility

A smart way to leverage concurrent access within businesses to minimize multiple location storage issues.Drake when hosted to the cloud allow users to access, share and edit files from any remote location.

Along with these, Drake hosted tax software also provides robust security, flexibility and scalability to businesses. So, make your switch to Drake Cloud today!

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