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Dear Sir, is it complusory to show HSN code in table no.12 GSTR-1 as per new rule for turnover upto 1.5 core and above. And if it is complusory then for which category.

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You have to file an application to jurisdictional officer for appointment as authorised signatory. In your case as you stated you are already authorised signatory but then also please file an intimation application to dept.
Then they will give you new login id password and after getting it you have to file all pending return upto date of succession (as date of succession will be date of Death of proprietor)
Then you have to file ITC 02 for transfer of ITC in electronics ledger in your firm. After that you have to accept that ITC 02 in your firm. After acceptance of ITC 02 unutilized ITC will be transferred to your firm.
Then you have to cancel the registration of old firm and file GSTR 10 i.e. final return.

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