Representation by WIRC to include CA services within essential services


Representation by WIRC to include CA services within essential services



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  1. Our fraternity leaders are requesting Govt to give relaxation to ca firms from lock down. It may not be a Nice decisions.

    Our medical experts are telling even after lock down lifting from govt it is not safe to expose ourselves to outside, we must be careful atleast for six months.

    And day by day the number of cases, hotspots and red zones are increasing. In some areas they are failing how the virus came.

    If our request or lobby becames fruitful then we should pledge our lives, our staff and our respective families lives at risk.

    We are all studied bcp, drp and dirm. In all these we studied that first and foremost we should protect ourselves than any other.

    Govt also relaxed in filing the returns and audit dates. Ok for the businesses having turnover of more than 5 crores should pay the interest but these people are equipped with good IT infrastructure. So they can send their business details through emails or some other soft copy forms for filing the returns. In turn we can process work from home.

    So kindly think the entire CA fraternity interest before requesting the government for relaxation of CA firms from the lockdown.

  2. A Bank employee in Sangli tests positive for Corona

    Didn’t had any travel history

    For those who want bank audit in hurry

  3. Msg from one of the reader :

    I too saw the well drafted essay by WIRC that makes an interesting reading. It is just a matter of where money takes precedence over every thing else. Are the signatories to this essay oblivious to the ground reality? Really very sad that our profession instead of being in a commanding position is stooping down to the level of begging to declare it as an essential service. How essential is our service now at this juncture? If your services are not made available to your clients, it is you who will not get the fee. So it is practically essential for us but not for the government. What ever is not collected, they know how to collect. As for govt is concerned their collection is not going to disappear. It is just postponed; that is all. When they wake up they will remember that there is a tribe called practicing chartered accountants. Then they will seek the help of this tribe and exactly at that point of time ours will automatically become essential service.

  4. Msg from another professional…

    Including CA services in essentials is not a welcome idea. As we protect the wealth of the nation it’s also our duty to protect the health of our nation as well as our families. This can be done only through remaining at home till the time the medical experts do not tell us to get working in our offices. Offcourse there would be pressures latter on but we cross the bridge when it comes. Government would offcourse relax the due dates and deadlines which would help to ease the pressures on us . Right now it’s extremely important to honour and accept the directives given by government


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